The Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

Not so long ago, you’d only see tattoos on bikers and gang members. These days, they’re everywhere. While, tattoos are not modern inventions, they’ve certainly increased in recent years. It’s as if every other person has at least one, from tough guys, to hipsters, to soccer moms.

People between the ages of 30 to 39 are the most likely to have a tattoo. This accounts for 38 percent of the tattooed population. Interestingly, women are a bit more likely than men to get a tattoo. Tattooing is big business as well, as it has become a $1.65 billion per year industry. That’s a lot of ink! But, why do people get tattoos?

1. Most people like to get a tattoo that means something important about them or their lives. It’s something that constantly reminds them of a particular message or person.

2. These days, tattoos are very popular amongst women to gain attention. They get tattoos on the back, lower backs and all other parts of their body to make people notice their beauty.

3. In most parts of the world, getting a tattoo is a way of keeping their traditions alive.

4. Most party goers and music artist followers like to get tattoos just because they’re fashionable or to be part of a group or culture. These days if you don’t have a tattoo, you aren’t cool enough!

During the Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival at the BMO Centre in October, the organization hired all sorts of staff from An Inspired Staffing Solution Inc. to supply services from ticket takers to garbage removal and trade show booth hostesses. In its 10th season, the event was a rounding success with lots of events, entertainment and demonstrations, including meeting many of the talented artists on the site.

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