It’s that time of year again, Snow! Snow! Snow!

The cold weather has arrived in Alberta and so has the snow. Perhaps your plan is to leave the shovel in the garage this winter and hire a snow-removal contractor because removing mounds of snow can be a chore. Before you do though, just be aware that the level of service in the snow removal business can be very different from one company to the next. For example, one company might offer a low contract price, but there’s a limit to how much service you get. If the limit is 20 visits to your property, you will pay more for anything above 20. If it happens to be a light winter, you’re in luck because these types of contracts can be a bargain.
Then, there are companies who have contracts that state that they will only come out when there is 2 inches, 4 inches or even 6 inches of snow. This is another way of offering low contract pricing with built in protection for the company. However, during a very cold spell even 2 inches of snow can create a thin layer of ice, especially on shady driveways and walkways, so check out the conditions of the contract before you sign. Half the trouble of getting a company to do the snow removal for you is finding a company that will get the snow removal done in a fair time frame and the other half is finding a snow removal company that you can trust.
Contracting out snow removal to a local firm guarantees that the residents in the communities will benefit from prompt, effective snow removal. Most local companies provide snow removal services to residential areas and word of mouth is their best, or worst, advertising. Their experienced and reliable snow removal team is available around the clock to assist you with all your snow clearing needs. Most companies in Calgary offer residential snow removal and snow plowing and they take care of everything from a driveway to the sidewalk.
With snow so much a part of an Alberta winter, staff from An Inspired Staffing Solution Inc. has been hired by numerous snow removal companies to handle snow removal jobs throughout the province. This is just another feature of the many diversified talents and qualifications of this agency’s multi-talented staff. Keep warm folks!
 An Inspired Staffing Solution is a full service event staffing agency that represents a variety of talented event staff including but not limited to; Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models, Liquor demonstrators, Servers and Bartenders. The agents at our office have combined expertise of over 30 years of experience. Our main branch office is located in Calgary with a satellite office in Winnipeg. We service all major centres in Alberta, which include but are not limited to Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Contact us today about your unique event, and we will coordinate the staff you require.


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