How to be a Top Notch Banquet Server

Banquets are most often held at hotels, resorts, or private clubs for large events and parties. This means that there may be 100 or more guests to be efficiently and pleasantly served during the course of an event. The servers often need excellent customer service skills and the ability to multitask to assist multiple guests at any given time. A server has duties similar to a restaurant waiter, but with a more team-focused way.
The responsibilities of a banquet server begin before the guests arrive. Prior to the event beginning, servers will prepare the banquet area for the event, which typically involves setting out linens on tables, setting silverware and napkins on the tables, and preparing anything else that may eventually be set at the tables.
During the actual event, a server is responsible for the serving of the various dishes and courses. These are typically served beginning with the women at a table, and serving dishes from the left side of a guest. After a dish is finished, the empty plates or bowls are removed from the right side so that further dishes can come in from the left. Between courses, servers are often responsible for keeping glasses full of water or any other beverages being served. This continues throughout the meal until the final course has been served and finally cleared away from the tables. After the guests depart, a banquet server will then work to clear away all dishes or glasses left at the tables. Banquet servers typically need to be able to work together to see an entire event successfully completed and ensure the satisfaction of every guest in the room.
A top notch banquet server plays an important role toward the success of a large event and this cannot be overstated. They are the first line of visible staff that the guests encounter during the special event. The servers’ ability to make the occasion an enjoyable one for the guests is paramount for the location that hired them, since it’s their reputation on the line as a great facility for functions. With that in mind, it was a privilege that some of our staff at Inspired Staffing Solution Inc. were asked to be banquet servers for several weddings in and around the Calgary area. Although many functions are high profile, weddings are particularly special with high expectations of everything going off without a hitch. No one wants a bride upset on her very special day. As always, our staff performed to the highest level of professionalism and courtesy with customer service second to none.
An Inspired Staffing Solution is a full service event staffing agency that represents a variety of talented event staff including but not limited to; Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models, Liquor demonstrators, Servers and Bartenders. The agents at our office have combined expertise of over 30 years of experience. Our main branch office is located in Calgary with a satellite office in Winnipeg. We service all major centers in Alberta, which include but are not limited to Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Contact us today about your unique event, and we will coordinate the staff you require.


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