So, You Want to be a DJ?

So, You Want to be a DJ?
According to DJ Onur, if you’re dreaming about becoming a disc jockey, it has probably occurred to you that there are many skills required to be successful. Breaking into the DJ industry can be difficult, so make sure you are up to the challenge. To start with, evaluate your knowledge of current popular music and not just your favourite. Dance clubs exist for all musical genres, so don’t limit yourself.
Develop a personality that’s unique and entertaining because you are engaging the audience with your charm and style. Seek out other DJs and join forums and online organizations where you can learn other tricks of the trade that can make you popular with the dance club crowd. The right attitude and a decent sense of self-confidence can help enormously, but make sure you don’t come across as cocky. Remember, when you are starting out, you have to pay your dues.
Being able to multitask and utilize the DJ equipment is a skill you should practice as much as possible. The equipment can be quite costly, so if you are able to borrow or at least use someone else’s equipment during off hours, you can gain much need experience.
Switching between songs is the most critical skill a DJ can possess, so make sure you are as practiced as possible. Beat mixing or beat matching is another skill for any successful DJ to acquire. When you can match bass beats in two songs so that you can’t tell where the conversion from one song to another has occurred, you have mastered it. The practice you get in is almost as important as the feedback you will receive from the audience. You have nothing to lose and any mistakes you make will afford you a learning opportunity.
 With all of these skills, charm, personality and talent that’s required to do this job, it comes as no surprise that several of the local bars in Calgary hired staff from An Inspired Staffing Solution Inc. to be DJs at their locations. When these local hot spots wanted to jazz it up with seasoned professionals, they contacted us and we sent them our best. Our talented team performed to “perfection” and our clients were delighted with the results. Of course, so was the audience according to the feedback we received. When you’re thinking talent of any kind, come to the agency that has it all, An Inspired Staffing Solution Inc.
An Inspired Staffing Solution is a full service event staffing agency that represents a variety of talented event staff including but not limited to; Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models, Liquor demonstrators, Servers and Bartenders. The agents at our office have combined expertise of over 30 years of experience. Our main branch office is located in Calgary with a satellite office in Winnipeg. We service all major centres in Alberta, which include but are not limited to Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Contact us today about your unique event, and we will coordinate the staff you require.


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